Howl Smoke | Apart Meant

by Dead Turquoise / If Only There Were Angels

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part of the album "July" as recorded by collaboration project "If Only There Were Angels".


released October 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Dead Turquoise Columbus, Ohio

“There also exists as well the concept of living and dead turquoise. Living turquoise has a healthy blue color, whereas dead turquoise has turned either white or black. In the natural aging process of turquoise, exposure to light and body oils darkens the color, eventually turning it black. Tibetans compare this to human aging and death.” ... more

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Track Name: Howl Smoke
she eyes me up while she picks my brain from the leaves
i cough up love from my black lit lungs
while I sway like a branch in her breeze

i fell from the height of these neon lights
its always as dark as it seems
from whispered lips came words and a kiss
she told me don't change a thing
Track Name: Apart Meant
if i could go back in time,
would i have slammed the door harder?
i could have let it just close from behind
it was the 10th time it seemed, i'd gathered my things
in 15 below, the engine still steamed

there were just so many nights that we'd spit searing verbs
while the best lines were still left unsaid
like the pages in your library of books
the words are just blurs we cant return

do you remember when i put them all in order on the shelf?
i put them in order on the shelf
i put you before myself
and i should have wrote me better in your head
instead i scribbled chalk outlines, on the cheap blackboard
devoid of all wealth and unread